Product Focus: Sigma Spa Gadgets

5-27_SpaGadget_blogThe verdict is in, makeup artists are obsessed with our exclusive Spa Gadgets. They simply cannot get enough of the superior cleaning power and time-saving nature. As makeup artists, we all know how important proper sanitary practices are with makeup products. We also know that we need to wash our brushes after each job to avoid spreading bacteria and leftover product onto other clients. Sigma Beauty is here to help with 4 gadgets to cut down on washing time and a genius drying system to help brushes keep their original shape.

2X Spa Glove
‘The 2X Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove is a must have. This glove provides various textures and directions to get the deepest clean. The silicone grooves add a much more effective and detailed cleaning to get to those deep corners of your brushes.’Denika Bedrossian

Spa Mat
‘I screamed about that Spa Mat-thank God! That is seriously the BEST invention ever. I hate using my hands or the sink. So wow, after 15 years of frustration I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with it!’Lisa Chamberlain

Spa Express Glove
It really helps to remove makeup from brushes so that they’re perfectly clean.’Troy Jensen

Spa Express Mat
‘Brilliant! Cleaning my brushes after a long day of shooting has never been easier or faster! I can’t live without this!’Ellen Arden

Dry’n Shape Tower
‘We also all love the brush drying tower on set. I never knew how much I needed it in my life until I had one!! Makes clean up faster at the end of our long days and keeps the brushes in good shape’Devin Morales