Featured PRO: Debra Johnson

Debra Johnson March shootAs a working artist, I get hired for my skill to bring out the natural beauty of a model. My goal is for people to look at the model and say, ‘she looks so pretty,’ not her makeup. It’s all about the overall look working with a team of makeup, hair, wardrobe styling, photography lighting, prop styling, etc. This photoshoot was inspired by the music festival, Coachella – free spirited – nature – with boho chic clothing, effortless hair, and fresh natural makeup.

This look is all about bringing out the model’s natural beauty by using peach and brown eyeshadows to bring out her blue eyes and adding a bold lip for a pop of color.

Product Breakdown:
Eyes: Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette
Highlight: Ravishing Loose Shimmer
Lips: Clover Power Stick
Brushes used: E50 Large Fluff, F03 High Cheekbone Highlighter™, F40 Large Angled Contour

Makeup Artist: Debra Johnson
Photographer: Tara Ziemba
Model: Isabella Reid

Featured PRO: Liz Wegrzyn

Liz Wegrzyn featureSigma PRO MUA Liz Wegrzyn’s Fall Showcase submission deserves a second look. The flawless skin, bright shadows, and strong brows are what made this look a favorite of the PRO Team. For smooth and perfect makeup application, Liz used the Best of Sigma Brush Set. The Smoke Screen Palette stole the show with pigmented shades and their ability to be blended out on the eye. For voluminous and wispy lashes, Liz layered on Monumental Lash Mascara. To keep those strong brows in place, Liz used our Brow Wax so the brows stayed picture perfect all day on set.

Add Liz’s Sigma Beauty favorites to your kit and start creating >>

Photo by the talented Tony Veloz, see more of his work here.

You can see more of Liz’s work on her Instagram and website.

PRO SPOTLIGHT: Stephanie Salinas

10.22.14 PRO Spotlight

With over 150,000 Instagram followers, we couldn’t wait to learn more about this talented Sigma PRO Partner, Stephanie Salinas. Keep reading to learn more about this makeup master and get the inside scoop on her personal take on the subject of beauty.

Sigma: How did you get started in the makeup artist industry?
Stephanie: I have a background in art. I started drawing and painting at a very young age and growing up I always knew I wanted to pursue a career where I could be creative. Makeup happened to be a hobby & career that allowed me to incorporate all of the things that I enjoy about art.

Sigma: What has been the biggest challenge of your career?
Stephanie: The biggest challenge of my career has been growing thick skin. In this business you have to accept that not everyone is going to be a fan of your work. There will be people who are negative and rude so you have to learn to ignore the negativity and not let it affect you.

Sigma: What is a day in the life of _______ like?
Stephanie: A day in my life is relatable to most people. Many don’t know that I have a full time job that is not makeup related so I spend most of my day inside an office. I’m usually home before 7pm and the first thing I do is kick off my heels and relax for a while. I use my free time in the evenings to create new looks and post them on my social media sites. My weekends consist of working on bridal parties or makeup events. If I do have a day off I enjoy spending it with my family.

10.22.14 PRO Spotlight 2

Sigma: Share your favorite makeup tip:
Stephanie: Using your eyeshadows (except matte eyeshadows) wet on your lids can help with the vibrancy and opacity. Try spraying your brush with a setting spray after dipping the brush into the eyeshadow. I’ve been doing this for years and this is one technique that I love sharing with others.

Sigma: What makeup trends are you enjoying this season?
Stephanie: Dewy skin, highlighted cheek bones and coral lips!!!

Sigma: What makeup items should always be in a woman’s purse?
Stephanie: Lipstick & liner for touch ups, lash glue just in case one of your lashes starts coming off, and of course a mirror. For those who get oily, I recommend some oil blotting sheets.

Sigma: What is your signature makeup look for yourself? For your clients?
Stephanie: My signature look is always a neutral eye, winged liner, full lashes and a nude lip. I always give my clients what they request. The majority of them will request a smoky eye using neutral shadows, a subtle contour and a soft lip.

Sigma: What are your three favorite Sigma products, and do you have any unique way of using them?
Stephanie: Sigma E25 & E40 brushes are a must have for blending!!! The brow highlighter duo in goddess glow is gorgeous!

Sigma: What advice would you give to a novice makeup artist?
Stephanie: Be patient. Makeup artists are not made over night. It takes a lot of time and practice to get to where you want to be. Makeup is always evolving so be open minded about learning new techniques, trends, etc.





09.24.14 PRO spotlight

Today we’re spotlighting talented MUA and Sigma PRO Partner, Loni Hale. Her impressive resume includes commercial advertising, celebrity clients, editorial work + much more. Read on to learn how Loni got stared in the industry, her beauty inspirations and must-have Sigma products!


How did you get started in the makeup artist industry?

  • Makeup arts began for me in college working behind the scenes in the local theater programs. I didn’t have time to act and make it to months of rehearsals but could dedicate a few evenings to work the shows in the end -applying makeup and suitable looks for hair needs. Following a stint in college studying teaching I went to cosmetology school to allow me a career part time to finish funding my remaining college program-which I never returned to. I am a natural artist with interest in many things design related and the color wheel and I get along just fine. This enabled me a lengthy and prosperous run with my salons for 12 years. I specialized in hair color and corrective color in particular. All the while I did makeup for weddings like many of us do. You see where I am going with this?  A few other factors contributed to me finding my way into the commercial makeup career I enjoy currently … doing some commercial modeling myself, being in front of the camera in reality TV and becoming a pageant queen proved to me that makeup artists are utilized in ways I wasn’t aware of.  After brick and mortar spaces and a move from Iowa to urban Chicago, I was finally in a large enough market to try something new. I was always an entrepreneur. I started my first salon at 24 so reinventing may career would be possible albeit time consuming for a bit.  I am self taught and spent more time reading about the “business” of makeup rather than technique incidentally. That creative part was easier for me to figure out on my own.

Who are your beauty inspirations?

  • I like to spend a bit of time fine tuning looks from each generation or decade. I also play around with edgier looks that I may be less comfortable with. I am a bit of an illustrator in ink drawing, so linear and graphic illustrative styles of makeup are fun for me. I am strong with hair so creating a “total look” is always the motivation for me if I am responsible for both. Examples: Liz Taylor & Veronica Lake’s sexiness and specific hairstyling. Grace Kelly, Natalie Wood & Audrey Hepburn’s dainty classy sweetness.  Brigitte Bardot (hair) & Claudia Cardinale’s cat eyes. And, of course there was Marilyn…most actresses currently in Hollywood still play with these coveted looks at least for the red carpet.

Share your favorite makeup tip:

  • Brighten all undesirable shadows with concealers beneath or over foundations (but that likely my age speaking).

What makeup trends are you enjoying this season?

  • Lashes!! OR Liner & Metallics are all the rage this fall- they were everywhere on the runway. Also BOLD COLOR liners, color blocking on the eyes and 60’s hair and Twiggy inspired cuts.

What makeup items should always be in a woman’s purse?

  • Lipstick (semi matte rosy pink or peachy) pressed into lips and doubles as blush to warm up the complexion. Mascara. Concealer. I like 1 neutral brown eye shadow (can multitask as a brow/liner/crease definer) with a tiny travel makeup brush kit.

What is your signature makeup look for yourself? For your clients?

  • Me: Brows defined. Light wash of foundation with concealer and peach concealer under eyes. Peachy pink blush and golden bronzer for contouring and/or crease shadowing. Mascara and touching the root colorizes the base of lashes. Semi Matte lipstick to press and stain lips.
  • Client: Brows are very important to me. As little foundation as I can get away with and the same with powders to set and mattify only where I need it. Always a blush and mascara and appropriate lip. Possibly a gloss.

What are your three favorite Sigma products, and do you have any unique way of using them?

  1. I’m loving the Brow Highlight Duo – Ray of Light particularly the matte yellow for use under the eyes of lighter skin clients, following concealer- It brightens and sets beautifully. The highlighting duos are so fun and versatile on many complexions and for use as shadows, illuminates and brighteners- for those shadows I mentioned above (aging clients will love).
  2. The Dry’n Shape sleeve is just awesome for a pro and for any woman that travels. The brushes dry and come out beautifully shaped in even less time than Sigma claims, from my experience.
  3. The Brow Expert kit has absolutely ALL that anyone needs for perfectly coiffed eyebrows. The wax pencil is great (better than other popular brands) and the scissors, smallish angle brush with spoolie and tweezers are superbly designed and of great quality.

What advice would you give to a novice makeup artist?

  • Absolutely work on EVERY skin tone, complexion and texture of skin that you possibly can. Remember, it’s not always about seeing your work and the product on the skin… often; it’s about looking like you’ve never been there…

Who would you love to get in your chair?

  • Adriana Lima, Oprah Winfrey, Irina Shayk, Ian Somerhalder




PRO SPOTLIGHT: Griselle Rosario


Today we are starting a PRO Spotlight series where we will be highlighting the work of our talented PRO Partners. We were lucky enough to talk with internationally acclaimed makeup artist Griselle Rosario for our very first spotlight. Griselle is a leading editorial hair and makeup artist with more than a decade of experience in a variety of areas including fashion, print, film, and video.

Want to learn more about Griselle and her Sigma must-haves? Read below!

Sigma: What was your most unique makeup job?
Griselle: My most unique job actually was a beauty test in my living room when I was pregnant and “not that glamorous” with my other two little ones running around the house…and that beauty shoot was the most popular in my entire career. It was all over social media, Pinterest and in several makeup artists’ inspiration files at home…and also was published in Runway magazine (pictured below).
Model: India Christin Lane
Photographer: Luis Guillen

07.16 Griselle

Sigma: What are three Sigma products you can’t live without?
Griselle: First, my Sigma brushes, they are my #1 choice in makeup tools. Second are the eye shadow bases in Provoke, Pose and Pursue. Third is the new Brow Expert kit LOVE IT!

Sigma: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Griselle: On the cover of all the major US magazines (Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire) and as a makeup ambassador for one of the most prestigious makeup lines.

Sigma: What’s your go-to makeup look?
Griselle: Natural, glowy look with lot of mascara and matte red lips.

Sigma: Share your favorite makeup tip:
Griselle: For a perfect editorial look use the Sigma’s E80 – Brow and Lash brush with one shade darker from the model’s concealer and make her brows disappear.. voila!

Sigma: Who is your dream client?
Griselle: Of course Jennifer Lopez… We will be working together one day!

Website: http://www.grisellemua.com/
Twitter: @grisellemua
Instagram: @grisellemua