New: Freshly Baked + Glowing

BandS_8-22_Launch_blog1Keep your client’s look light and long-lasting with the latest brush collection from Sigma Beauty. The Freshly Baked + Glowing collection contains 5 new brushes essential to a flawless complexion. Each brush is designed to perfectly set, sweep, and strobe the skin. Brushes are available individually as well as in a set. Sigma PRO MUA Kilprity loves these new brushes becaust ‘they make setting and strobing easy. The soft fibers are super soft so when setting the face and using powders, they do not disturb the foundation’


P89 Bake Precision: A smaller version of the F89, this precision brush has the same angled head and flat side to nestle concealer right under the eye
F06 Powder Sweep: Our small powder brush is designed to sweep excess powder from under the eyes and can also be used to highlight the cheekbones and nose too. Its small brush head fits in the hollows of the cheekbones too
F89 Bake Kabuki: Exclusively from Sigma Beauty, this angled kabuki brush has a flat edge designed to apply product right up to the lower lash line. Use with loose powder to set concealer or as a foundation brush
F42 Strobing Fan: Highlight the high planes of the face with this medium-sized fan brush or sweep away shadow fallout under the eyes as well
F79 Concealer Blend Kabuki: This medium sized kabuki brush is designed to blend concealer under the eyes and also gives a full-coverage finish to the skin when applying a base of foundation all over. Use with a cream or liquid highlighter to strobe too

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Simply Vibrant Summer 2016 Campaign


Summer is almost upon us, ushering in golden bronze shades accented by vibrant pops of purple and blue. This laid-back collection highlights warm summer vibes with pressed powders and loose pigments that wear comfortably. Each of the products are extremely versatile, easy to wear, and compliment every skin tone. Heat up your client’s look with metallic washes or cool off with cool tones. This collection features two of Sigma Beauty’s top-sellers, Cor-de-Rosa Aura Powder and our E25 Blending Brush.

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NEW! Wing It Eye Liner Sets

2-22_WingIt_PRO_blogLet liner be the focus of every look. Sigma Beauty makeup brushes create everything from the ever-coveted perfect wing to subtle definition. We’ve bundled four of our best-selling liner brushes and put together two sets of our new Line Aces so you always have the perfect product at your fingertips.

The Brush set includes the E11, E06, E05, and E65 liner brushes, valued at $56 and will retail for $44 before your PRO discount
VIP PRO Price: $28.60
MUA Price: $30.80
Student Price: $35.20
Creative Professional: $35.20

Each Line Ace set contains three of our new liquid liners for deeply-saturated, all-day wear. The neutral set contains Legend, Robust, and Monogram, while the bold set features our signature Sigma Pink shade, Inscription, and Legend. Both sets are valued at $42, and will retail for $33 before your PRO discount
VIP PRO Price: $21.45
MUA Price: $23.10
Student Price: $26.40
Creative Professional: $26.40

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New: Dimensional Lip Sets

DimensionalLips_Social1Expand your scope of color and texture in 2016. We’re launching two limited-edition lip sets that creates a fusion of lip colors that boast a unique finish and exclusive colors.

Sealed with a Kiss Lip Set

The Sealed with a Kiss Lip Set is a curated collection of wearable neutrals that can be mixed and matched for a variety of looks and finishes. Create a matte look with Carnation Power Liner or go full-shine with Seal of Approval Lip Eclipse. Combine any or all of the products for a custom pout that is perfectly suited to your clients.

Nancy Power Stick
Signed, Sealed Power Crayon
Seal of Approval Lip Eclipse
Carnation Power Liner

Make Your Pout

The Make Your Pout Lip Set is a curated collection of bold hues ranging from a cool pink, vivid orange and a deep brick red. The powerful colors can be mixed, matched and layered to create a one-of-a-kind lip that is truly your client’s own. Each product boasts a unique finish from stay-all-day matte, creamy finishes and decadent high-shine.

Bloody Good Power Stick
Sigma Pink Power Crayon
She Know the Ropes Lip Eclipse
Make Your Mark Power Liner

Each Lip set is valued at $71 and will retail for $49 before your PRO discount

PRO Prices:
VIP PRO: $29.40
Working MUA: $34.30
Student: $39.20
Creative Professional: $39.20

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NEW! Dry’n Shape Tower

DNSTower_PRO_Social_FB1All of your brushes are clean, now you wait for what feels like forever to use them again. Instead of an overnight delay, the new space-saving Sigma Beauty Dry’n Shape Tower® seriously decreases the drying time for even the densest of your favorite Sigma brushes.

Each tower features silicone SigmaSnaps™ to hold brushes in place, as well as the patented elastic bands that absorb excess water and keep brushes in their original shapes when drying. The face tower features larger elastic bands that hold 20 brushes along the bottom row, and 24 smaller brushes in the top row for a total of 44 brushes.

The eyes tower has 24 elastic bands and coordinating SigmaSnaps™ in the bottom row and 24 spots for brushes along the top row for a total of 48 brushes.

To save even more space, put the towers together to create one giant tower of drying power. Simply take off the top disk of the face tower and snap it into the bottom of the eyes tower. Perfect for small sinks where drying real estate is coveted, having a mega tower to dry 68 brushes more quickly than drying them on a towel.

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New from Sigma Beauty: Face Architecture

Face ArchitectureSigma Beauty’s newest brush collection is made up of 7 masterful brushes to help you perfect your client’s unique features, everything from a subtle contour to an extreme chiseled look, this new collection contains all the right brushes to strobe, contour, and give a candlelit glow. Made with exclusive, long-lasting synthetic fibers, these brushes are engineered to shape your client’s face with unique designs that hug all the right angels and precisely define the high points of the face.

F03 High Cheekbone Highlighter – This fluffy brush is made with Sigmax® fibers and pairs perfectly with cream, liquid, or powder products for a lit-from-within glow – $19.00 before your PRO discount
F04 Extreme Structure Contour – Features Sigmatech™ fibers for a medium to firm brush head and is ideal for controlled contouring on under the cheekbones or jaw line – $21.00 before your PRO discount
F23 Soft Angled Contour – The soft angle combined with fluffy but dense Sigmatech™ fibers make this brush perfect for a soft and subtle contour. Bonus, it also lends itself to providing a soft application of shimmer to the body – $24.00 before your PRO discount
F37 Spotlight Duster – With extremely soft and fluffy Sigmatech™ fibers, this brush is uniquely designed for an airy application of powder products to the high points of the face – $21.00 before your PRO discount
F56 Accentuate Highlight – A deeply curved shape that fits on top of the cheekbones to flawlessly buff cream or powder products into the skin for an effortless highlight – $22.00 before your PRO discount
F57 Emphasize Contour – This brush features a larger, curved brush head made with Sigmatech™ fibers to sculpt your client’s face using cream or powder products – $26.00 before your PRO discount
F77 Chisel and Trim Contour – Made with Sigmax® fibers, this flat, short brush applies powder and cream products while providing maximum control and complete precision, small enough to contour the nose as well  – $22.00 before your PRO discount

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NEW: Sigma Pink

Sigma Pink LaunchSigma Pink is the collection of the year. With these 42 products, we are making our biggest impression ever with our makeup line. There will never be a question about the shade of pink that you will experience, it is ours, it is bold, and it is unmistakable Sigma Beauty.

We are launching 7 new products with this launch, all of them are completely new and each is available in our signature pink shade along with 5 unique colors.

Power Liner: Our new twist-up lip liner doesn’t tug on the lips and keeps other lip products in line. Use the sharpener in the end to keep lines crisp
Embellish Lash: Bring your client’s lashes to the next level with these buildable, long-lasting shades. The molded plastic brush works through lashes to coat every millimeter
Aura Powder: A versatile all-over powder enhances the natural beauty of your clients, it is meant to be built on the skin for a natural flush or bold statement
Lip Eclipse: This creamy, opaque liquid lipstick is highly-pigmented and gives a smooth, satin finish to the lips. It isn’t drying like other liquid lipsticks
Line Ace: The formula of our new inkwell style liquid liner is super-saturated and glides on smoothly. It dries quickly and won’t flake all day
Power Stick: Smooth, full-coverage lipstick is a necessity in your kit, ours are no exception. From neutral to bold shades, these lipsticks won’t dry out your client’s lips. The magnetic closure prevents serious kit mishaps and protects your precious new products

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For every product sold in our signature pink shade, Sigma Beauty will donate $1 to breast cancer research through October 31.

NEW: Sigma Spa® Express Mat

Spa Express Mat LaunchSince the Sigma Spa® Brush Cleaning Mat was such a success, we paired it down for those days on set where sink space is seriously lacking. The Express Mat is uniquely designed to fit into small sinks like the ones in makeup trailers or back stage dressing rooms where space is hard to come by. This smaller mat still packs a big punch while not taking up valuable space in your züca. If you’re always working on-the-go, slip the Spa Express Mat into your carry on too, it won’t take up valuable space you save for your TSA liquids bag.

This smaller mat has the same 7 patented textures to deeply clean both eye and face brushes but is compact enough to be rolled up in the most basic of kits.

Retail Price: $25.00
VIP PRO Price: $16.25
MUA Price: $17.50
Student Price: $20.00
Creative Professional Price: $20.00

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New from Sigma Beauty: Nightlife by Camila Coelho

Camila Launch 1Sigma Beauty’s newest collection was inspired by and made in collaboration with Camila Coelho, a world famous beauty blogger and vlogger. Her urban-meets-girly style, effortless charm, and kind spirit make her a wildly popular celebrity and fashion icon.

Nightlife drew inspiration from the city that never sleeps, urban evenings downtown, dancing all night, and jet-setting around the world. This collection consists of an eye shadow palette, blush, bronzer, dual ended eye liner, a liquid highlighter, a lip liner, a lipstick, and a brush set.

Camila Launch 2Nightlife Palette – These 12 shades were created to suit every woman’s lifestyle. Each row of 4 shades was selected to create three different eye looks, neutral, bold, and smoky. We love to mix them all together for an electric eye look
Hotspot Blush – A bold color that applies sheer and builds very easily, this blush adds a hint of warmth to any skin tone
Limelight Bronzer – Perfect for layering with Hotspot, this matte bronzer gives a perfect sun-kissed glow to the face
Festa/Eclipse Dual Ended Eye Liner – Festa is a cool toned, deep purple that gives depth to the eye while adding a fun pop of color. Eclipse is a Sigma Beauty all-time favorite and pairs perfectly with Festa
Afterglow Liquid Highlighter – This golden liquid highlight has a pink pearlized finish, our favorite highlight to layer under foundation for a lit-from-within glow
In Fine Feather Lip Liner – A deep, earthy pink shade that won’t feather on the lips. The slim pencil allows for the utmost control when applying it on clients
Dance ‘Til Dawn Lipstick – Introducing Sigma Beauty’s first lipstick! This cool toned pink shade compliments all skin tones and features a soft, buttery formula that won’t dry out lips.
Nightlife Brush Set – With limited edition sparkle handles, these 5 best-selling brushes were inspired by the city lights from New York to Rio de Janeiro. The brushes included are: F40 Large Angled Contour, E15 Flat Definer, F35 Tapered Highlighter, E55 Eye Shading, and the E25 Blending Brush

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NEW from Sigma Beauty: Structural Lashes™

Mascara IG 3Add structure to your clients’ lashes with the newest addition to Sigma Beauty’s makeup line – Structural Lashes™. Three wands give three different effects, while one formula delivers nourishment to lashes. The formula is enriched with pro-vitamin B5 to condition while defining each lash. Each mascara boasts a 13+ hour wear, paraben free formula as well smudge proof, flake proof, and water resistant.

Mascara LaunchMonumental Lash – Go big or go home with seriously thick lashes. This brush has a full shape with both long and short bristles to coat every lash for shocking volume.

High Caliber Lash – Fitted with an hourglass shaped brush and shorter bristles, this wand was made to pull the lashes upwards for optimal and long-lasting length.

Sinuosity Lash – With a molded plastic wand, this shape is perfect for creating serious curl. Its shape allows it to get under the lashes to mold them into the perfect curl.

VIP PRO Price: $12.35 per tube
MUA PRO Price: $13.30
Student PRO Price: $15.20

Add all three Structural Lashes™ mascaras to your kit and save even more
VIP PRO Price: $29.25
MUA PRO Price: $31.50
Student PRO Price: $36.00

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