New: Freshly Baked + Glowing

BandS_8-22_Launch_blog1Keep your client’s look light and long-lasting with the latest brush collection from Sigma Beauty. The Freshly Baked + Glowing collection contains 5 new brushes essential to a flawless complexion. Each brush is designed to perfectly set, sweep, and strobe the skin. Brushes are available individually as well as in a set. Sigma PRO MUA Kilprity loves these new brushes becaust ‘they make setting and strobing easy. The soft fibers are super soft so when setting the face and using powders, they do not disturb the foundation’


P89 Bake Precision: A smaller version of the F89, this precision brush has the same angled head and flat side to nestle concealer right under the eye
F06 Powder Sweep: Our small powder brush is designed to sweep excess powder from under the eyes and can also be used to highlight the cheekbones and nose too. Its small brush head fits in the hollows of the cheekbones too
F89 Bake Kabuki: Exclusively from Sigma Beauty, this angled kabuki brush has a flat edge designed to apply product right up to the lower lash line. Use with loose powder to set concealer or as a foundation brush
F42 Strobing Fan: Highlight the high planes of the face with this medium-sized fan brush or sweep away shadow fallout under the eyes as well
F79 Concealer Blend Kabuki: This medium sized kabuki brush is designed to blend concealer under the eyes and also gives a full-coverage finish to the skin when applying a base of foundation all over. Use with a cream or liquid highlighter to strobe too

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Trend: Lash Out

From statement falsies to colored mascara, lashes are going to make a big comeback in 2016. We expect to see everything from super-long individual lashes applied sparingly to bright cyan lashes hitting the runways this season. Sigma PRO Makeup Artist, Malee, drew inspiration from the drawn-on lashes of the late 60’s for this over-the-top look.

Warm Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette
Mascara – Monumental
Inner Rim Brightener – Final Touch
Wicked Gel Liner
Legend Line Ace
E55, E25, E05, E10

In Fine Feather Lip Liner
Seal of Approval Lip Eclipse

In the Saddle Aura Powder
Pet Name Aura Powder
Afterglow Liquid Highlight
F40, FX1, 3DHD Kabuki

Medium Brow Duo
Brow Wax

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THEFRONTROWYou’re backstage at Paris Fashion Week with only minutes to finish the models before they strut their way down the runway in next season’s fashions. You rely on your brushes to do exactly what you need to produce new makeup trends; you need your brushes not only to perform, but to outperform. For looks that live long after the hypno-trance we all know and love as fashion week, you need #THEFRONTROW, the ultimate bundle of performance brushes.

P86 – Precision Tapered™: Use the sides of this tapered brush to apply shadow bases or blend cream shadows for even coverage.
E71 – Highlight Diffuser™: The flat angled brush head lends itself to blending crease shades and brow highlights seamlessly.
E39 – Buff and Blend™: With shorter, densely packed fibers, this brush is your go-to for deepening the crease and easily buffing out harsh lines.
F57 – Firm Shader™: Your pick for serious packing power, use the E57 to load pigments onto the lid or dab a shimmer shade into the center of the lip for extra dimension.

#THEFRONTROW: $54.00 before your PRO discount, $68 value
VIP Price: $35.10
MUA Price: $37.80
Student Price: $43.20
Creative Professional: $43.20

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OITNB FavesSince its premiere in June 2013, Orange Is the New Black has shaken up the TV world. Earning 12 Primetime Emmy Award nominations over three seasons, to say OITNB is a hit would be an understatement. We asked Mandy Bisesti, Ingrid Okola, and key artist Karen Reuter about the team’s must-have Sigma Beauty products on set.

OITNB Team“We absolutely love the entire line of Sigma brushes- they’re well made, soft, and versatile- everything you want in a brush! We have a lot of SPFX on the show and we’ve found that several of Sigma’s blending brushes are AMAZING for stippling effects! Our particular favorites are:

E39 Buff and Blend and E38 Diffused Crease – These brushes are perfect for stippling realistic looking bruise tones onto the skin

F35 Tapered Highlighter – This is the brush of choice for on set powder touch ups; the tapered head and size is perfect for whisking powder on the T-Zone and under the eyes

3DHD Precision brush – A fantastic brush shape for blending product under the eye

Lip Bases – These pencils have a creamy texture, fantastic color payoff, and really gorgeous vibrant colors. ‘Magnetism’ and ‘Mirth’ are particular favorites of the Orange Is the New Black makeup team”

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Sigma Beauty Exclusive: SigmaTech™

SigmaTech IG 5
Sigma Beauty is constantly creating new and exciting products, changing the beauty world. We are excited to announce our newest innovation: SigmaTech™ brush fibers! These brush fibers are made with a special thermoplastic polymer, engineered specially for Sigma Beauty. We hand selected a variety of synthetic fibers that were specifically engineered to keep the product on the tip of the bristles. The end of each synthetic fiber received a special treatment which alters its shape which keeps powders and creams secured until they come in contact with the skin. Some of the benefits of SigmaTech™ fibers include:

Zero product absorption
Longer life
Easy to clean
Brushes hold their shape after washing

Keep your product where it belongs, at the end of the bristles. Search for the exclusive SigmaTech™ logo on our website for identify over 65 brushes made with our exclusive SigmaTech™ Fibers.

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