Artist Faves: Charlotte Hayward


Charlotte Hayward is a hair and makeup artist who works primarily in the film industry but also within fashion, editorial, red carpet and celebrity. Specializing in beauty makeup and leading ladies, Charlotte has spent years travelling for work and trying new products and techniques.

Recently, Charlotte was the hair and Makeup supervisor for the Stunt 2nd Unit on  the summer hit Jason Bourne. Supporting Frances Hannon who headed up the entire project, Charlotte was in charge of keeping an eye on all the action scenes and traveled between London, Tenerife, and Las Vegas.

These are Charlotte’s go-to Sigma faves for natural beauty and easy application:

High Caliber Lash Mascara: Gives a more natural lash effect which is always my go to look on a movie. It keeps lashes thin and defined but lengthens them and so opens the eye by fanning the lashes out
E34 Domed Utility: One of faves for contouring and blending in the socket of the eye! I now can’t do my eye makeups without them!
E06 Winged Liner Brush: Best liner brush! keeps its shape so you can get a neat line when using a liner pot. The shape also helps you create the perfect wing or subtle flick
F06 Powder Sweep: This is a great small powder brush for the eye area
Spa Mat: So great to have with you to put in the sink at home or in a hotel room on location. The texture of the Mat really helps to clean the brushes quickly. Paired with a brush soap which is my favorite way of cleaning them it makes for a quick and efficient clean up!

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