New: Freshly Baked + Glowing

BandS_8-22_Launch_blog1Keep your client’s look light and long-lasting with the latest brush collection from Sigma Beauty. The Freshly Baked + Glowing collection contains 5 new brushes essential to a flawless complexion. Each brush is designed to perfectly set, sweep, and strobe the skin. Brushes are available individually as well as in a set. Sigma PRO MUA Kilprity loves these new brushes becaust ‘they make setting and strobing easy. The soft fibers are super soft so when setting the face and using powders, they do not disturb the foundation’


P89 Bake Precision: A smaller version of the F89, this precision brush has the same angled head and flat side to nestle concealer right under the eye
F06 Powder Sweep: Our small powder brush is designed to sweep excess powder from under the eyes and can also be used to highlight the cheekbones and nose too. Its small brush head fits in the hollows of the cheekbones too
F89 Bake Kabuki: Exclusively from Sigma Beauty, this angled kabuki brush has a flat edge designed to apply product right up to the lower lash line. Use with loose powder to set concealer or as a foundation brush
F42 Strobing Fan: Highlight the high planes of the face with this medium-sized fan brush or sweep away shadow fallout under the eyes as well
F79 Concealer Blend Kabuki: This medium sized kabuki brush is designed to blend concealer under the eyes and also gives a full-coverage finish to the skin when applying a base of foundation all over. Use with a cream or liquid highlighter to strobe too

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Product Focus: Beacon of Light Shimmer Cream

PRO_june_productphotos_blogClients are always chasing that sun-kissed, I-woke-up-like-this highlight. The Sigma Beauty Shimmer Creams are an emollient product that can be used alone or under traditional highlight powders for a serious boost. Beacon of Light is a stark white shade that doesn’t have traditional glitter or shimmer particles but still provides a glossy, subtle sheen to the skin without chunky glitter.

Sigma PRO Ambassador Sidory likes to use it over the top of eye shadows and lip colors to create a custom texture while building up to the perfect amount pf highlight.

To get the most out of this product, the Sigma PRO Team loves to scoop some of the Shimmer Cream out of the container and let it melt a bit on the back of the hand. This creates a creamy, easy-to-blend product that melts into the skin.

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Sidory’s Tips for Black and White Photography

Blog Post #1“Doing makeup that translates beautifully in black and white photography can be tricky. Remember to apply some of these quick tips before application to achieve the best results.

Highlight: it’s important to show dimension when doing a black and white makeup application. Try applying highlighters over the high planes of the face to create highlights.

Detail: it’s very important that your work is clean and blended. Blending in your contouring, eyeshadows and make sure your eyeliner is smooth and precise. Coat those lashes with an even amount of mascara. Texture shows quite easily in black and white.

Contour: contouring is meant for sculpting face shapes and features. Contouring creates depth and recedes areas you want to minimize. It helps show contrast too which is especially important in black and white photos.”


Here are some of the products Sidory loves using for black and white photography:

Beacon of Light Shimmer Cream
Afterglow Liquid Highlighter
E71 Highlight Diffuser™
Basic Face Kit
Brow Expert Kit
Sinuosity Mascara
Smoke Screen Eye Shadow Palette
E06 Winged Liner Brush
Gel Liner Wicked
In the Saddle Aura Powder
Limelight Bronzer

Hair and Makeup: Sidory
Photo: Tony Veloz
Model: Kaylea from Modelogic

Highlight + Define

Highlight+Define FontalSpace in your kit is extremely valuable; having great products that can do several things at once is a must. The Highlight Duos and Brow Powder Duos from Sigma Beauty have you covered from eyes to lips. We’ve created this entire look to show the versatility of the Duos and how valuable they can be in your kit.

Well-Lit Highlight Duo
Bring to Light Highlight Duo
Medium Brow Powder Duo
Dark Brow Powder Duo
Brushes: E32, E25, E45, E30, E39

Goddess Glow
Brush: F92

Matte side of Ray of Light
Brush: FX 4

Indulgent Lip Base
Shimmer side of Goddess Glow
Brush: E32

Medium Brow Powder
Brow Wax
Brushes: E65, E80

The Sigma Beauty Highlight and Brow Duos are serious space savers in your kit and highly versatile.

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PRO Tip: Dual Purpose Duos

Dual Purpose DuosOur Highlight Duos are a unique product staple for any artist’s kit because they have more than one function for the face. Available in four combinations, each duo has a matte shade for color correcting and a shimmery shade for added glow. The matte shades are intensely pigmented and can be used to color correct and brighten the skin. For example, Well-Lit contains a pink shade perfect for balancing out blue under eye circles while the yellow shade in Ray of Light is perfect for neutralizing redness for fairer skin.

In addition to the color-correcting benefits, each duo can double as a cheek color, our favorite is a duo fibre brush like the F15. Simply swirl both sides together. When both sides of Goddess Glow are combined, they create a natural flush on the cheeks. We also like to use the Highlight Duos as eye shadows, each providing a natural look. Bring to Light is the most universal of the duos and creates a soft look, perfect for brides or clients who want a more natural look.

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