Célia’s Swan Lake Fairy Tale

7-25_PROFeature_Celia_socialSigma PRO Ambassador Célia Beaumatin was given the honor of being named beauty editor for the first issue of French magazine “Peplvm” last month. One of the many spreads she worked on was built around Ludovic Winterstan’s amazing dresses.

‘They wanted something really strong; I was very inspired by the texture and color of the dresses. For the makeup, I started the shoot with very pure and natural makeup on the models and ended with a very strong black and red smoky eye with gold glittery under eye.’

Product breakdown:
Eyes: Nightlife and Warm Neutrals palettes
Brows: Medium Brow Powder and Dressed Up Brow Pencil
Freckles: Brow powders in light, medium, and dark
Bronzer: Limelight
Highlight: Afterglow Liquid Highlighter
Brushes: Basic Face Kit and Perfect Blend Kit

Photographer: Nicolas Guerin
Makeup by: Célia Beaumatin
Clothing by: Ludovic Winterstan
Hair/Directed by: Robin Navarro-Harraga
Styling by: Julien Mazzoli
Model: Bianca Rentzke
Assisted by: Gabrielle & Esteban

Bridal Focus: Nina Ubhi

7-20_Bridal_Ubhi_SocialWith 14 years of makeup experience in London and Dubai, Sigma PRO Brand Ambassador Nina Ubhi has built a reputation of being one of the most sought-after artists for a bride’s big day. We asked her for a beauty breakdown of this stunning bridal look she did on location in Mauritius. We asked Nina how she created one of the four looks she produced for the week-long celebration.

Product breakdown
Eye Shadow in Topaz in the socket
Aura Powder in Cor-de-rosa
F75 Concealer brush to apply cream contour
3DHD Precision brush to blend contour
E06 Winged Liner brush to apply gel liner
E20 Short Shader brush to buff shadow on lower lash line
E45 Small Tapered Blending brush for socket color

Nina’s Tips
-Topaz eyeshadow looks great on Olive skin tones. I use it to contour the eye rather than add color. I love how warm this shade is. It contours the eye socket without leaving the skin looking dirty or dark.

To contour the eyes I use the small tapered blending brush as it fits perfectly into the socket meaning you get a more precise contour rather than a smoky look.

Aura Powders are my new favorite blushers! I used to carry around a well-known blush palette in my kit because I felt I needed to have a large selection of colors at hand but now I just take 3 shades from the Sigma Aura collection and they complement every client face that I’ve worked my magic on!

The winged liner brush has to be my favorite make up brush. It’s the exact shape and size an eyeliner brush needs to be for gel application.

Bridal Focus: Lynn Austin

Wedding season is underway, get ready to create looks that will be captured and viewed for years to come. Typically, bridal looks are soft, on the natural side, and stay for hours on end. Sigma PRO Ambassador Lynn Austin shared this bridal look with us where she enhanced the bride’s natural beauty while kicking her everyday look up a few notches.

“The bride requested a natural glam for her wedding day, she didn’t want any bright colors and wanted to stay in the neutral brown family for her eyes. I recommended we add a black shadow in the outer corners of her eye to add dimension, especially if she wanted her eyes to pop for photos. She requested to have her eyes speak to the crowd and I feel like we accomplished that with my amazing Sigma products.”
–Lynn Austin

Product breakdown:

Brow Wax
Brow Highlighting Pencil
Medium Brow Powder
Liberally Toasted Gel Liner
E65 Small Angle
E15 Flat Definer
E35 Tapered blending

Brilliant Shimmer Cream as base
Nightlife Eyeshadow Palette shades: 4 Star, After Hours, Leather Pants
Café au Lait
E35 Tapered Blending
E32 Exact Blend
E30 Pencil

Wicked Gel Liner and Legend Line Ace
E05 Eyeliner Brush

Cor-de-rosa Aura Powder
F40 Large Angled Contour

Sultry Shimmer Cream with Gilded Loose Shimmer on the cheeks and nose
F35 Tapered Highlighter

Limelight Bronzer
F40 Large Angled Contour

Dance ‘Til Dawn

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Artist Faves: Ellen Arden

3-29_ArtistFaves_blogThis last weekend, one of the most highly-anticipated films of 2016 premiered to excited audiences everywhere. Batman v Superman smashed box office records and will only continue to entertain audiences around the world. One of our extremely talented PROs had the honor of heading up a division of artists on the film. Ellen Arden is an IATSE 798 Journeyman Makeup Artist, specializing in film, television, and celebrity makeup. Ellen’s most recent work includes Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (Universal Pictures) and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Warner Brothers). Ellen was kind enough to let us take a peek into her kit and share what her Sigma essentials are to use on set.

The Warm Neutrals Palette is a great all around eyeshadow palette. The shades compliment all skin tones and blend seamlessly.
The E25 Blending is one of my favorite brushes! I use them to blend out liners and lightly powder the under-eye area, I’ve even used them to cover tattoos with alcohol palettes. They’re the best!
The P80 Precision Flat is an amazing concealer brush! It allows me to blend out creams to hide and diffuse problem areas in a snap.
Sigma’s E30 Pencil Brushes are awesome! I often use eyeshadows as liner to create a soft and natural dimension that is pleasing to the camera.
The F25 Tapered Face Brush is my favorite brush for applying powders. The tapered bristles help you create a soft and gradient application of blot powder, bronzer, blush, and highlights while giving you the added benefit of control of placement, unlike large and fluffy brushes.
The E58 Cream Color Brush is definitely one of my favorites! Not only do I find that these brushes work wonders for getting a clean precise application of cream eyeshadow, but they also double as an awesome concealer and lip brush. The flat synthetic bristles with the perfectly tapered edges allow you to apply an array of cream products with ease… and who doesn’t love a multi-tasker!?
Sigma Brow Wax pencils are definitely one of my kit staples! Sure, its great for getting your brows under control and prepping them for brow powders, but I also like to use them around the lip line to prevent lip color and/or gloss from feathering. I have also used them to “outline” the edge of the brows when tinting to prevent any rogue stains, to waterproof an eyeliner in a pinch, and to create a trail for tears to follow in crying scenes. Ha!

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Meet our 2016 Brand Ambassador: Violeta Meyners

2-18_Meyners_blogVioleta Meyners is a celebrity Makeup Artist and Photographer known for bringing out the most effortless, natural beauty in every person who sits in her chair. Whether she’s beautifying models or celebrities, on the red carpet, photographing in-studio or on location, Violeta applies her trademark blend of youthful, fun, glowing approachability, classic elegance and understated glamour to every job, offering a fresh approach to makeup and beauty that clients have grown to love.

Using her YouTube channel “VioletArtistry” as a platform to inspire, educate and empower women around the world, Vio produces regular content that has amassed thousands of loyal followers from ages 13 to 65. Sharing her professional expertise through makeup tutorials and product reviews, featuring behind the scenes tips and clips of her personal life as a busy career woman and mom, and speaking freely about her passion for healthy, mindful living, Violeta empowers her fans to leverage their beauty knowledge as a tool to develop their self-confidence and express their individuality.

Originally from Romania, Violeta now lives with her son in Los Angeles, and travels around the US as a photographer, makeup artist, and beauty expert. Follow Violeta’s journey on Instagram for more of her amazing work.

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