Bridal Focus: Nina Ubhi

7-20_Bridal_Ubhi_SocialWith 14 years of makeup experience in London and Dubai, Sigma PRO Brand Ambassador Nina Ubhi has built a reputation of being one of the most sought-after artists for a bride’s big day. We asked her for a beauty breakdown of this stunning bridal look she did on location in Mauritius. We asked Nina how she created one of the four looks she produced for the week-long celebration.

Product breakdown
Eye Shadow in Topaz in the socket
Aura Powder in Cor-de-rosa
F75 Concealer brush to apply cream contour
3DHD Precision brush to blend contour
E06 Winged Liner brush to apply gel liner
E20 Short Shader brush to buff shadow on lower lash line
E45 Small Tapered Blending brush for socket color

Nina’s Tips
-Topaz eyeshadow looks great on Olive skin tones. I use it to contour the eye rather than add color. I love how warm this shade is. It contours the eye socket without leaving the skin looking dirty or dark.

To contour the eyes I use the small tapered blending brush as it fits perfectly into the socket meaning you get a more precise contour rather than a smoky look.

Aura Powders are my new favorite blushers! I used to carry around a well-known blush palette in my kit because I felt I needed to have a large selection of colors at hand but now I just take 3 shades from the Sigma Aura collection and they complement every client face that I’ve worked my magic on!

The winged liner brush has to be my favorite make up brush. It’s the exact shape and size an eyeliner brush needs to be for gel application.

Bridal Focus: Lynn Austin

Wedding season is underway, get ready to create looks that will be captured and viewed for years to come. Typically, bridal looks are soft, on the natural side, and stay for hours on end. Sigma PRO Ambassador Lynn Austin shared this bridal look with us where she enhanced the bride’s natural beauty while kicking her everyday look up a few notches.

“The bride requested a natural glam for her wedding day, she didn’t want any bright colors and wanted to stay in the neutral brown family for her eyes. I recommended we add a black shadow in the outer corners of her eye to add dimension, especially if she wanted her eyes to pop for photos. She requested to have her eyes speak to the crowd and I feel like we accomplished that with my amazing Sigma products.”
–Lynn Austin

Product breakdown:

Brow Wax
Brow Highlighting Pencil
Medium Brow Powder
Liberally Toasted Gel Liner
E65 Small Angle
E15 Flat Definer
E35 Tapered blending

Brilliant Shimmer Cream as base
Nightlife Eyeshadow Palette shades: 4 Star, After Hours, Leather Pants
Café au Lait
E35 Tapered Blending
E32 Exact Blend
E30 Pencil

Wicked Gel Liner and Legend Line Ace
E05 Eyeliner Brush

Cor-de-rosa Aura Powder
F40 Large Angled Contour

Sultry Shimmer Cream with Gilded Loose Shimmer on the cheeks and nose
F35 Tapered Highlighter

Limelight Bronzer
F40 Large Angled Contour

Dance ‘Til Dawn

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Sidory’s Red Carpet Look

Pro_Blog_06012016_FaceChart_01DC makeup artist and Sigma PRO Ambassador Sidory recently worked with the beautiful Cindi Leive, Editor in Chief of Glamour Magazine for the White House State Dinner on May 13th and recreated Cindi’s look as a face chart for us to share with you.

Product Breakdown

I primed the eyes with Neutralize Eye Shadow Base, then smudged Eclipse Eye Liner Pencil on the lash line in a thick line, then smoked it out into crease with Dove Eye Shadow. The same steps were repeated on the bottom lash line. I blended Cozy and Dove onto the lid and into the crease. To highlight the brow area, I used the Brow Highlight Duo in Goddess Glow. I finished off the eyes with High Caliber Mascara.

I lightly filled in Cindi’s brows with the Brow Powder Duo in medium, then set the brows with the Brow Wax

I used Limelight Bronzer for a soft glow and Nymphaea Aura Powder on the apples of the cheeks.

I lined and stained the lips with In Fine Feather, then blended Rubicund Power Crayon on top. I gave Cindi a tube of Transcend Lip Switch for touch ups throughout the night.

Célia’s Travel Kit Staples

Travel Essentials Blog PostTraveling with a kit can be stressful, it is essential to pair down to just the absoulute necessities. We asked Sigma PRO Ambassador Célia what she packs in her kit for longer trips:

‘This year I will travel with my kit quite a lot so I need to pack as light as I can. Here is what I plan on packing in my kit when I travel:

Before talking about brushes and makeup, I need to mention the absolute essential for me: making sure I have clean brushes for every client. The Spa Express Mat is very small and easy to travel with so this is my number one essential for perfectly clean brushes.

As far as brushes go, I like to have choices so I will take my Sigma Beauty Complete Kit and my P86 for flawless concealer application and because it is my all-time favorite brush.

For makeup, I will of course take foundations I like to have 4-5 different shades and mix them if I need a slightly different color, a concealer palette and translucent loose powder and of course my Shimmer Cream in Brilliant and bronzer in Limelight

For eyeshadows, you can’t go wrong with neutral shades. My favorite is the Warm Neutrals palette; it will obviously travel with me as well one with brighter options like Nightlife.

I have a lot of lipstick options so it is always hard to choose but a red and a nude will make it for sure. I can always mix them to get a pink!

These are the main things I need to do makeup but of course I’ll also take mascara, black pencil eye liner, brow powder and don’t forget the disposable wands for clients!’

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Behind the Look: Phoenix Golden


Sigma PRO Phoenix Golden recently did a spread for Women’s Health Mexico and gave us a behind-the-scenes look at what SigmaBeauty products she used to create this look.

‘To achieve the look for Women’s Health Mexico, I used all things Sigma. The inspiration for the behind the denim-focused shoot was a youthful story. Soft, dewy, fresh and 17 was my goal. After a gentle skin prep and facial massage, I mixed equal portions of water – based foundation with Afterglow Liquid Highlighter. I wanted to take full advantage of the product’s light reflective properties. I then mixed Cheeky, Born To, and Peaceful blushes, applying with fingers, using firm strokes. For lids I used a liberal amount of Flip Flop Lip Switch and set with Passion Fruit Eye Shadow using an F35 Tapered Highlighter. To complete look, I applied a Power Crayon in the shade Rubicund to the entire lip. I then blotted the product off lip, allowing the stained residue to speak softly.’

Photo by Sarah Kjelleren
Styling by Melissa Infante
Casting by Seona Taylor-Bell
Hair & makeup by Phoenix Golden
Using Sigma Beauty and Amika hair products
Shot at The Nine Studios, assistant Bryant Norman
Produced by Team Black Productions

Sidory’s Tips for Black and White Photography

Blog Post #1“Doing makeup that translates beautifully in black and white photography can be tricky. Remember to apply some of these quick tips before application to achieve the best results.

Highlight: it’s important to show dimension when doing a black and white makeup application. Try applying highlighters over the high planes of the face to create highlights.

Detail: it’s very important that your work is clean and blended. Blending in your contouring, eyeshadows and make sure your eyeliner is smooth and precise. Coat those lashes with an even amount of mascara. Texture shows quite easily in black and white.

Contour: contouring is meant for sculpting face shapes and features. Contouring creates depth and recedes areas you want to minimize. It helps show contrast too which is especially important in black and white photos.”


Here are some of the products Sidory loves using for black and white photography:

Beacon of Light Shimmer Cream
Afterglow Liquid Highlighter
E71 Highlight Diffuser™
Basic Face Kit
Brow Expert Kit
Sinuosity Mascara
Smoke Screen Eye Shadow Palette
E06 Winged Liner Brush
Gel Liner Wicked
In the Saddle Aura Powder
Limelight Bronzer

Hair and Makeup: Sidory
Photo: Tony Veloz
Model: Kaylea from Modelogic

Simply Vibrant Summer 2016 Campaign


Summer is almost upon us, ushering in golden bronze shades accented by vibrant pops of purple and blue. This laid-back collection highlights warm summer vibes with pressed powders and loose pigments that wear comfortably. Each of the products are extremely versatile, easy to wear, and compliment every skin tone. Heat up your client’s look with metallic washes or cool off with cool tones. This collection features two of Sigma Beauty’s top-sellers, Cor-de-Rosa Aura Powder and our E25 Blending Brush.

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Finish Strong with Structural Lashes™

of, relating to, or forming part of the structure of an item.

Build, shape, and extend your clients’ lashes with a nourishing armor. Lashes are a vital part to every makeup look; we have three different wands to cater to your client’s specific needs. We encourage you to layer each mascara for custom combination that perfectly suits your clients’ needs. For this look, Sigma Beauty Head Makeup Artist Amanda layered High Caliber, Monumental, and Sinuosity lash together to create extreme length with a dramatic curl.

Volumize, Lengthen, Curl >>

Guest Look: Brand Ambassador Violeta Meyners

Violeta Guest Blog Post #1Sometimes, less really is more. This look from Sigma PRO Brand Ambassador Violeta Meyners is a shining example to us all that a light hand can still create impactful looks. By applying a sheer wash of color to the cheeks and keeping the lips and eyes soft, Violeta has produced a look that draws the viewer into the eyes. Playfully contrasting Cassi’s bright blue eyes with peachy tones emphasize the eyes further.

Products used on model Cassi Colvin:

Passion Fruit Eye Shadow in the crease
Afterglow Liquid Highlighter on the cheekbones
Power Liner in Heartbeat on the lips


E38 – Diffused Crease™
E25 – Blending
E45 – Small Tapered Blending
F84 – Angled Kabuki ™
P86 – Precision Tapered™
F35 – Tapered Highlighter
F40 – Angled Contour
F15 – Duo Fibre Blush

Makeup, hair, and photo by Violeta Meyners

Featured PRO: Stephen Moleski

2-16_Moleski_blogSpring is all about pastel shades that are universally flattering. Sigma PRO Stephen Moleski was inspired by Vogue Paris to play with soft pinks for a fresh spring look. He used the Awake Eyeshadow Base, the Fall Softly and Warm Neutrals palettes, For Cute Blush on the cheeks, Love Sick Lip Base, and Sinuosity mascara for this easy-to-wear makeup look.

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Model: Caroline Johnson
Photo: J. R. West
Hair: Zara Green